Mailer Bags

Silo-Pack brand mailer bags, a.k.a. tough bags, allow Sydney residents to ship items such as books and clothing. They are great for items which require slightly more protection than a plastic courier bag can offer. If you’ve heard of Jiffy utility bags, these are a virtually identical product, except without the added expense of a name brand product.

From packaging to shipping, these bags provide Sydney businesses and individuals with a cost-effective and quality result. With a simple peel and seal self-adhesive closure, these bags make packing a breeze and keep labour expenses to a minimum.

These mailer bags feature double walled and heavy duty paper, which provides protection against tearing and punctures. The double folded bottom and sides makes for ultra strong seams, reducing the risk of ripping or popping, even when full. Gussets allow for shipping of bulky or awkwardly shaped items, so you can use your bags for a huge variety of products.

Mailer Bags
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200x #4 Tough Bag 240x340mm

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50x #9 Tough Bag 405x670mm

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