Strapping Machinery

Pacmasta TMS Series are affordable, portable, and compact semi-atuo strapping machines. They are designed for general purpose use and can meet your various applications. Packmasta TMS Series machines come standard setup to suit 12mm strapping - Pacmasta machines can be adjusted to 6, 9 and 15.5mm. All machines sourced by Big Red Packaging are of the highest quality and come with 12months warranty.

Main Features

  • A single motor powers the machine; stable operation is assured even if the voltage drops.
  • Easy adjustment for changing strap width (adjustment for use of any strap up to 15.5mm can be made by slackening off only 4 screws)
  • No Strap Damage
  • Applicable to any shape
  • Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance
Strapping Machinery
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