Courier Bags & Plastic Envelopes

Courier bags as they have come to be known are also commonly referred to as courier satchels and plastic envelopes. Although calling them plastic envelopes is not as well-known as others it is perhaps the more apt term. They are essentially a plastic envelope, with an opening on one end to insert the intended contents, which then folds over to seal the plastic envelope permanently. Courier satchels are manufactured from a very strong plastic which is both tear and water resistant. One of the reason Big Red Packaging’s courier satchels have been so successful has been the quality and attention to detail which resulted from the feedback given to us by our customers. Read More What we heard was that many other types on the market were difficult to write on with a normal ball point pen. Also others were virtually transparent which left the contents visible to anyone. Then there were some which used poor quality adhesives on the self-seal closure, leaving them susceptible to bursting open in the delivery chain. We received all of this feedback and we listened. Our plastic envelopes are coated in a matte finish to easily allow ball point pens to glide effortlessly across the exterior surface. We now use an opaque black interior layer to ensure that the contents of each satchel cannot be seen. The adhesive we use on our satchels is a quality hot-melt variety, providing a very secure closure of each satchel. Once the peal and seal cover is removed and the flap sealed, it cannot be opened again unless the bag is ripped open, which prevents any tampering with the contents. Add to this the fact that all our plastic envelopes and courier bags are lighter and therefore cheaper to post than other products makes our brand of products the best option for your packaging needs.


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