Paper Packaging - Kraft Paper Rolls

Brown paper packaging, also known as kraft paper rolls, is one of the oldest forms of packaging still around today.

Popular because of its low cost, brown paper packaging is commonly used for wrapping parcels, and masking cars before they undergo spray painting. A less common uses are as a void fill, to fill up additional space in parcels to stop the contents from moving around, and for a variety of uses in the textiles industry.

Our stock of brown paper packaging comes in rolls as narrow as 450mm and as wide as 1500mm. Rolls are also available in a range of weights, from 40GSM up to 225GSM. As a rule of thumb, the heavier/thicker the paper is, the shorter the roll. This way each roll has a similar total weight (ie a 450mm x 450m + 50GSM roll weighs about as much as a 450mm x 300m + 80GSM roll).  Read More

Brown White Kraft Paper Rolls
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