Pallet Wrap

Also known as Stretch wrap, Shrink wrap or Plastic Wrap

Pallet Wrap, also known as Stretch Wrap and incorrectly as Pallet Shrink Wrap or Shrink Wrap, is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items to help secure them. Most commonly used to wrap around pallets of goods to keep them stable, pallet wrap can also help resist moisture, and when black pallet wrap is used, prevent prying eyes too.

The elastic recovery of the film (known as ‘memory’) keeps the contents tightly bound.

Another use for Pallet wrap is to wrap boxes of any size that are being shipped via couriers or Australia post, to help give the package more strength. This helps reduce extra costs for stronger cardboard boxes which may otherwise be needed. It also adds a degree of water resistance to the items inside. Another advantage of wrapping boxes in this way is you can use it to wrap two or more boxes together for safer (and often cheaper)freight.

Pallet Wrap is available in many thicknesses, primarily between 17 and 25 microns. The thinner 17 micron film is typically used for wrapping lighter items such as parcels, or pallets of light product for internal consumption. 20 micron film is a popular choice for an average weight pallet of products, being sent anywhere. Finally, there is the 25 micron film, which is a good choice for securing heavy items, or pallets which need to travel long distances across Australia or the world. Read More

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