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Cardboard Boxes

Although cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard have taken many different forms over the years, the material used for corrugated cardboard boxes as we know them today, was first invented in 1874 by Oliver Long (although initially it was infrequently used in box form). 

Like many new inventions, global industry was initially slow to support corrugated cardboard boxes as a viable form of packaging. This did start to change in the early 1900’s however, when consumption started to accelerate rapidly, and boxes became commonplace.

Today, cardboard boxes account for roughly half of all packaging materials expenditure in Australia, and when you think about it, it is not hard to see why. From a new TV to all of the groceries in your kitchen cupboard, at one time or another they were most likely in a cardboard carton of some description. Read More

Brown Cardboard Box
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